sorakh (sorakh28) wrote in malokasenna,

Introducing: MaLoDoR!

Matantei Loki: DoR is an alternative story of Matantei Loki Lokasenna. DoR is short for "Disturbance of Ragnarok". The difference between MaLokasenna and MaLoDoR are obvious, since while they share the same storyline, many differences of writting style and canon/fanon is in the works of this story. In a sense, MaLokasenna is version 1 while MaLoDoR is version 2. Or, as I like to say, it's better to refer MaLoDoR as Matantei Loki Lokasenna Varia 2. Plus, since Lokasenna is written by Jadzia and DoR is written by me, you're bound to see the different views of ours.

I hope you enjoy both stories as they come!
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